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A tool to encourage napping and unleash its powerful benefits

Although the concept of power napping is well known, those in the working world and those with busy lives often fail to recognize the benefits they would gain by adding them to their daily schedule. As the stress and pressure of our modern lives build, it seems, there is a growing need for ways to balance the demands of our everyday obligations with our inherent need for rest and relaxation. The answer? We think a simple encouragement to nap is the key. By encouraging users to accept napping into their daily routine, we stand to show them the benefits naps hold to ensure a more productive day.

The beginning (Powering up through napping)

The concept for the Power Nap App began with an idea – an idea rooted in the brilliant minds of Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, and Margaret Thatcher. These people shared a similar belief – napping is a necessity to success and creativity. In our first meeting, we discussed the concept of a power nap, its benefits, and the science behind it. We wanted to create a simple, yet essential tool to motivate people to nap. The experience of this application was a priority – we wanted it to have an eye-catching interface, and provide a seamless and effortless platform to encourage daily naps.


After extensive research, we pinpointed the best research related to ‘short time napping’ (up to 30 minutes). These experiments mainly focused on how the non-REM phase of sleep affects the brain in comparison to the REM phase, which requires longer periods of sleep than a nap allows. The non-REM phase of sleep lasts at most 30 minutes, because in this period a person does not fall into a usual REM sleep cycle. The results from these studies, which took place in a controlled environment, showed that short time naps could enhance memory processing as well as the ability to process information. From this, we concluded that a 30-minute nap does have a noteworthy impact on performance, learning ability, and alertness.

The team and the task

After gaining expertise on the scientific evidence related to the benefits of short naps, we began tackling how to incorporate this valuable information into a well-designed and functional application.

Our team consisted of four hardworking and creative members who worked on design, copy, UX and development. In our first meetings, we developed strategies to design an app that encouraging naps in a practical yet enticing way. After this, we developed our first design.
As perfectionists, we wanted to leave a strong impression of the app’s aesthetics and interface as well.

Functionality was very important in this process. We worked determinedly to create an application that maximized effectiveness, while also providing the user with a fun-to-use space to explore their options and make time for napping.

What is Power nap App ?

At base level, the Power Nap App is an application designed for those in need of a way to effectively implement napping into their busy schedules.

What differentiates this app from a regular alarm on your mobile phone? Its advanced design helps you save more of the time you need. While it takes time to calculate and input when to wake with your phone’s alarm clock, the Power Nap App provides an effortless, easy-to-use way of timing your naps with using scientifically tested intervals that give you the most out of your sleep.

Simply choose the most convenient interval for you, choose one of our custom sounds designed to smoothly wake you from your nap, and get some much-needed shut-eye.

The main benefits of the Power Nap App are:

Steps and development - version 1 Design and UX

During our first stage of development, we had a clear idea of what the application would consist of.

Design and UX were the first and most important characteristics of our plan. We had a rough skeleton of the interface designed as well as the way in which the app would be used. Still, we needed to break down the main components and check if we had everything the way we wanted it to be.
Our goal was to combine design and UX in a best possible manner. The circle which was used as the timing mechanism was intended to indicate the wholeness of the process which napping holds, on one hand, and then on the other it was the simplicity of using it only with one hand. Cutting down the steps in user experience moments was our guideline with concept of minimal design approach. Adding the swipe motion contributed to an elegant way in which one sets up the time for napping.

Our main components at this point were:

As the use of the application was to be simple and easy, we wanted the design to go along with this idea. Using color only to mark the time, we left everything else to be monochromatic. Though we didn’t experiment much with vastly different options, we felt almost certain that this was how we imagined it to be. In our eyes,it was smooth, most importantly, elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

After we finished the design template, we began working on the app’s content. This allowed us a great deal of creative expression, as the basic foundation of the app had already been established.

At first, we had several more steps and options within the application than the final version.

Later, we found the first draft was full of unnecessary features that seemed like they would only be a distraction.

One notable aspect we wanted to contain in the app was educational highlights from historical individuals who used napping as part of their daily lives. Though it was an interesting idea and certainly held some motivational incentives, we decided this was better left as simply sideline information at most.

Furthermore, we thought that interactive content would be a nice addition to the basic actions the app contained. We hypothesized the idea that once the screen was tapped to start the nap, a circle color would spread across the screen. The flow and speed of dispersal would depend on the strength with which the circle was tapped.

In the end, we were able to take out unnecessary content to create an easy-to-use, but incredibly effective interface that users can program in seconds. The final design needed no extra understanding beyond watching the how-to video or simply playing with the application. The features the Power Nap App holds are only the bare essentials, yet it does include a neat interactive dispersing screen for effect.

Most importantly, this app allows the user to have a very clear idea of what he is doing, and provides a simple approach to a much larger idea. The application merely serves as help tool to an action, which individuals can use to become more productive therefore more powerful.

The sound that wakes one up, we found matters tremendously as it can alter the mood of the individual and the effect of their napping. We initially planned to use generic alarms, yet soon came to realize that these types of alarms were more adequate for a person who has been in an REM sleep cycle. As naps fall into the non-REM phase sleep category, there is little need for a foghorn-like alarm to rouse you from your rest.

In an effort to create the most soothing and relaxing sounds, we enlisted the help of a sound production team. We wanted to follow the idea that if you are taking a sorely need mid-day nap, you deserve to be woken up in a matter that won’t disrupt the rest of your day. That’s why we designed sounds that create a pleasant arousal, waking you up to a softer environment that allows you to continue your productive day.

Power nap Saves the day

Thinking of a powerful slogan, in all honesty, was the most difficult part for our team. Although simple, “Power Nap App Saves the Day”rightfully and honestly sums up what the power nap is all about. Because they can be so useful to those who are aspiring to do a lot on listen sleep, “Saves The Day” resonates as a beautifully simple way to get this point across.It is rather a summation of how one could feel if power napping successfully, like their day was saved!


This part was added to elevate the humor elements in the app, giving the users something to smile about as they take on the rest of their day. At the end of their nap time,we adapted the famous Star Wars quote, “ may the force be with you” into our app. We plan to use different quotes of the same variety in the context of properties which power nap holds. This cheeky reminder will do well to provide a light and funny start to the rest of their day.